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Rental Options

1.   Take advantage of our one time limited Special reduced purchase price of 50% of remaining balance while retaining all of your accrued trade-in value. If you would like to take advantage of this please call our Tampa location at 813-288-8215.

2.   Return the rental to the Sarasota location during regular business hours before the closure date and this will close out your rental.

3.  Continue as normal with your rental until it is paid in full, all payments will continue to be billed as scheduled and all services can be carried out at our Tampa location after the time of the Sarasota location closure.  

4. To return violin and viola rentals after the store closure date we will plan to ship you a box with a return label prepaid if you prefer not to drive to the Tampa location. Please use the Contact Us form below to begin the return process.  For cello and basses we will make arrangements to collect them from you at our earliest convenience. 

*Limited Time offer expires on December 31. 2022.

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